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BOYCOTT! I was thinking of a log rant but instead I have a question. What do you think would happen if the roles were reversed? I hate to cause a spoiler (so spoiler alert if you want to watch the video first) because it might take some of the punch away from what this company did wrong but there would be complete and total outrage and the commercial would be removed from the airwaves for implying that all women are shallow, sexist, misogynistic, etc.

This because it is men is cute and funny. It really is not.


Yep, the media got it right this time. I am sure that by now everyone has heard about Hillary’s shoe dodge. It was an after thought dip alright. Has no one noticed the lag time in her evasive dive action? She ducked long after the shoe was by her. Her dodge was the fact that she thought a second and extrapolated that if she executes this dip she would elicit a bit more emotional response from the people. Taking a dive like this at a public event such as this can do nothing more than to boost points. In view of the former statements one has got to consider the possibility the whole “duck” event may have been orchestrated to do just that, raise “poll” points. The true dodge is that she pulled it off because everyone is buying into it. View the video again. One does not have to watch closely to see the huge reaction time delay. Do not let this huckster suck you in again.



Shanesha Taylor, 35, allegedly left her kids (6 months and 2 years old) in a hot car, in Arizona, while she went to a job interview and now some bleeding hearts have donated over $100,000 averaging about $32 apiece. WOW, I just do not know what to say. Why were the kids not left with family members. Why did she not bring them to the interview and say “This is why I need the job.” I guess that I just do not understand the support for her. I would bet that the mood of an incident like this would be different if the “alleged” person was a male. We see it all the time here in the news. Third sift worker (man) falls asleep and kids get outside, he faces criminal and CPS charges. A woman is home and lets her kid fall out a second story window, spends 12 hours in the hospital and the news puts a spin on it that is was a miracle, no charges by anyone. I guess it helps that a woman can cry and it ads credibility, not so much so for a guy. What do you think about this case?


Here is an article on this story



Have one on me! Today is National Beer day!



Alarming numbers according the Buffalo News. I am also sure that some pinhead is going to receive a $1 million grant to figure out why this is happening again after an attempt to fix it. Here are the numbers that were published; in 1972 there was 70% segregation, in 1992 39% of the schools were segregated, and in 2012 the number is back to 70%.

This is not rocket science folks. The school system in a cost saving measure stopped many years ago “bussing” students to other schools in other neighborhoods. Wow hard to figure out! The point is that people naturally segregate themselves, not because of hatred or racism but because “birds of a feather.” Irish gravitate towards Irish. Polish gravitate toward Polish. African toward African. Hispanic toward Hispanic, etc. This is not new nor a mystery. Common culture, lifestyles, interests, language and more bind people together. People that live in a neighborhood together go to school together. Mystery solved, give me the $1 million grant please for studying and solving the problematic question.

Common sense is not so common.



Boys do not have behavioral problems anymore than girls. Boys and girls are different that is why we call the boys and girls. Boys cannot be expected to act like girls and girls cannot be expected to act like boys.

Society in general, especially the schools in this country do not believe this and they have been the center of this controversy for decades. Can you imagine if schools told girls stop reading so much, playing with those dolls, sitting still and quiet, told these activities are not good for you, after all these are sedimentary activities which are unhealthy at best. Let us tell these girls to act more like boys. It is OK to open your mouth, test your waters, attempt to assert yourself as the alpha female of the group.

If these girls do not participate in these activities we should immediately diagnose them with depression, being reclusive, anti-social, self-destructive, being a negative achiever, suicidal, and any other of the myriad of conclusions we can divine by superficial observations. Additionally, we will not let them or their parents know that this is part of a monumental social experiment in brain-washing, passive aggressive personality shaping to fit a singular “acceptable” mold determined by group think, and emotionally, socially, economically, psychologically, and genetically altering these girls to be boys. If these girls do not alter their behavior they will be subject to powerful drugs that potentially include real, synthetic, or chemicals that are masked but mimic hormones of men in order to make them more masculine, despite the fact that they will develop large muscles, adams apple, a penis, and testicles but not breasts.

This is the heart of what we are doing to boys. Boys are supposed to behave exactly like they behave and the vast majority do not have ADHD. We do not need to drug them because these boys are acting like…boys. We have been doing everything to boys that I have suggested above that we do to girls for more than a few decades.

Many today ask where are all the men? The answer is clear they have been indoctrinated and disappeared into an unnatural evolution of homo sapien. There is the old colloquial joke that has one woman asking the other why she does not have ideal man (boyfriend) and why she does not have the always elegant dresser, articulate, well-groomed, masterful house keeper, great chef, romantic, never forgetful, sensitive, in touch with his feminine side man. The other girl says “He already has a boyfriend.”

If you think the scenario about altering the behavior of girls to the extent of drugging them with chemicals that will not only make them act more manly but also look more like a man is far-fetched then you have been living under rock and need to educate yourself about Risperdal, gynecomastia and boys. We are making boys act and look feminine. We must stop the madness before it is too late for all not just for some. How many boy have committed suicide because of this drug? This is an interesting media secret. Wake up people.



Here is a fun subject. This is a list of college courses that attract students with the lowest IQ’s.

  1. Evaluation and Research
  2. Public Administration
  3. Other Education
  4. Elementary Education
  5. Administration
  6. Home Economics
  7. Special Ed
  8. Student Counseling
  9. Early Childhood
  10. Social Work (I knew it! LOL)

Now before all you who did not go to college get all high and mighty these people did get into and go to a school of higher learning. An example would be “other education.” Teachers if you can belive it have an average IQ of 109. I choose not to belive it (LOL).

Thanks to TheRichest site for this fun article.



WWI has not yet ended. As with the colloquial statement with a particularly disturbing picture or conveyance of an idea that forms a picture in your head where “You cannot unsee that” some people still think that Mexico was on our side. This is far from the truth. The fact is that Germany planted a seed in Mexico’s head with the coded Zimmerman telegram. This was a telegram that basically told Mexico Germany would help Mexico if they helped Germany with America. They promised monitory help. They promised lands that were taken by Texas and the United States.

Originally in WWI the Mexican government decided that the idea of declaring war on the United States with the help of Germany had several flaws.

  • The United States was very strong
  • Germany was going to give Mexico money for arms. The United States was “the” arms manufactures for the Western hemisphere
  • They could not depend on arms from Germany because Britain owned the Atlantic
  • If Mexico went to war with the US it would cause problems with the ABC countries to which Mexico wanted to remain allies
  • The well armed English-speaking “rednecks” in the territories in question would be at best problematic for the Mexican government

What does this have to do with today and how does this mean that WWI did not end? Well again that which has been seen cannot be unseen. Mexico has been waiting patiently for these factors to change. In case you have not been paying attention all over the West and South-West there have been for years US politicians of Mexican decent stating in different ways that “We are taking over, the old white man is dying, not having as many kids, and he deserves to die, and if he does not die quickly enough we should kill him so that we can have our country back.” Look it up. There are many videos of these public speaches. These people should be impeached and tried for treason, but nothing happens to them. They are inciting riots. The point is the Zimmerman telegram is coming to fruition. The facts now are:

  • America is weaker, much weaker. Obama is going to bring the numbers of our military to the lowest in history
  • It no longer seems that Mexico has an issue with the lack of arms
  • Arms from Germany and Britain controlling the Atlantic is moot
  • ABC Countries are mostly a moot issue
  • English-speaking rednecks with guns are not anywhere near the problem that they use to be 97 years ago, now are they? Most of the “territories” are overrun with legal and illegal Mexicans that are problematic at best.

They have been organizing monuments to Mexico and how it is their territory and protest how the “gringos” should go back to Europe. Never mind that they got their Spanish heritage and language from Spain (in Europe). Ignorance abounds and that is what is so dangerous about these organized Mexicans in this country. These “protesters” do not even know that they are European themselves.

The Zimmerman telegram has not been lost in history it just was put in the slow cooker and is just now coming to fruition.



The 911 report wants all of us to believe that those indestructible black boxes on the planes that hit the WTC vaporized. All 4 of them. This has never happened before, ever. On this particular day 4 of them went missing. Below is an interesting clip from an expert about Malaysia 370. If you do not believe me do your own research on how they have always been recovered and research the information on how they really are indestructible. Most people only believe their own research anyway and it will be more convincing to you.

Just for information black box testing includes but is not limited to:

  1. high velocity impacts
  2. Exposed to 1100*C temperatures for 1 hour
  3. 10 smoldering fire
  4. 30 day immersion in sea water
  5. immersion in every fluid on a plane
  6. Click here to see the possible slip up on the 911 black boxes. It starts at about 2:00. How many boxes went missing on 9/11?



Anyone remember the original “fast-food?” They were called automats. The food was ready-made and waiting so you do not have to. They were for lack of a better description not machine but rather human operated massive full wall vending machines. There were little shelves behind windows that had “fresh” food on plates. To open the windows you had to put your coins in a slot and the window would unlock. The rest of the facility was like a cafeteria. They were fun places. I had been to a few in NYC in the heyday.

These seem to be making a comeback, sort of…

There are now ATM like devices that dispense cupcakes. These are popping up in cities all over the country. Sure they will never be anything like automats of yesteryear but an interesting story and great excuse for me to reminisce about those times that I have enjoyed but will never be able to visit again.

You want a real hoot? The word “automat” is not in spell check or dictionaries anymore. Take a look for yourself.



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