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False Accusers

My hope here is to build a database of false accusers that will be searchable. Feel free to leave a comment with the following information listed below. I will verrify the information and then add it to this database.

Date of Offense
Status of False Accuser

Name: Bonnie Sweeten

Age: 38

Details: told authorities Tuesday afternoon that she and 9-year-old Julia Rakoczy were abducted and shoved into a care trunk after an accident by two black males

Date of Offense: Tuesday, May, 26, 2009

Status of False Accuser: She was caught and faces charges for falsely reporting May 27, 2009

2 Responses to “False Accusers”

  1. Name: Emily Petersen
    Sex: Female
    Details: falsely accused officer of beating and rape
    Status: Charged with false report
    Location: Castle Rock

  2. Name johnny Tinkerbottom
    Sex n/a
    Age 15
    Details liable
    Date of Offense today
    Status of False Accuser still at large

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