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Amber Alert

Do not get me wrong I am not complaining about doing things to find kids quickly to find them safe.  What I am very concerned about is the nefarious implications.

Today a 14:08 hours while in Wal * Mart everybody’s phone was activated.

Phones were activated with an audible loud tone regardless of:

  • carrier
  • original area code origin
  • brand name of phone
  • the phone being set to silent

This is proof positive that we have far exceeded 1984.  Keep your old phones.  Our most nefarious president yet, obama has mandated that special chips and software are installed on all new phones so that everyone can receive mandatory messages.  Two for now can be blocked, Amber Alerts and any threat to safety or life, natural or man made.  However, upon interviewing many people, no one knew that they could block these messages.    The third onepresidential alerts, cannot be blocked.

Hello.  I am from the government and I am here to help you.  Yeah, right!  Does anyone else feel uneasy?  The government has such a great track record protecting us and our rights especially when surveiling the general public.  After all it always ends well for the citizen.  Make no mistake that this chip and software can and will track you.   It is called PLAN, or Personal Localized Alerting Network, and is being implemented by FEMA, scary.  The other and blatant issue is that you have to listen to the president whether you want to or not.  Free speech is great, but not when you have to listen.  He has defecated on the Constitution and did it again.  Say goodby to the First Amendment.

All you will see is that I do not want to help endangered children.

4 Responses to “Amber Alert”

  1. I understand your concern but if it were my daughter missing I would be grateful for any government assistance. Or anyone’s else’s for that matter. And running away puts kids at risk too.

  2. Perhaps you missed what I started and ended with…

    “Do not get me wrong I am not complaining about doing things to find kids quickly to find them safe….

    All you will see is that I do not want to help endangered children.”

    I knew these would be valid points this is why I went out of my way to state them. Let me guess that you are an emotional thinking woman rather than a logical thinking man.

  3. Furthermore, that message put everyone that received it at risk. They failed to mention that she was a runaway or correct it later. They also failed to mention that she took a gun. So John Q comes across this unstable girl with a gun, approaches to help her and she shoots him. Thanks to your government no one will want to help because of the lack of important information. Even without the latter scenario happening I will think twice before helping because I need to stay alive for my own family. They really boogered this one up. It did much more damage than good

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