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Rewarded for Child Abuse

Shanesha Taylor, 35, allegedly left her kids (6 months and 2 years old) in a hot car, in Arizona, while she went to a job interview and now some bleeding hearts have donated over $100,000 averaging about $32 apiece. WOW, I just do not know what to say. Why were the kids not left with family members. Why did she not bring them to the interview and say “This is why I need the job.” I guess that I just do not understand the support for her. I would bet that the mood of an incident like this would be different if the “alleged” person was a male. We see it all the time here in the news. Third sift worker (man) falls asleep and kids get outside, he faces criminal and CPS charges. A woman is home and lets her kid fall out a second story window, spends 12 hours in the hospital and the news puts a spin on it that is was a miracle, no charges by anyone. I guess it helps that a woman can cry and it ads credibility, not so much so for a guy. What do you think about this case?


Here is an article on this story


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