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Happy Fathers Day or The War on Men

The war on women is a joke.  There is a bigger war on men and I am going to use Fathers Day as one of the examples.  People have to be blind, ignorant, or both if they cannot see how in almost every aspect of life men’s lives that they are valued less.   In the days of the landline, before all you techno savvy 30 somethings and younger, AT&T  and the media use to annually publish a story about phone calls.  The day most phone calls were made was on Mothers Day.  The day most collect calls (calls made where you make the person you are calling pay for the call) were made was Fathers Day.  Great, I am not going to wish you a good day unless you pay for it.  The disparity in the number of calls was also evident with the percentage reaching 23 or more percent made to mom.

This fathers day disparity is not the only issue. Mothers day has been celebrated since the 19th century and made a national day shortly into the 20th century while it was not until President Nixon in 1972 that fathers were recognized as some person of importance.

Call or visit (DO NOT TEXT, EMAIL, or FACEBOOK) your father today with no strings attached and tell him that you love him.  Prove to him that he is just as important as mom.  Society tells us that men are hard and less emotional and that is true when we feel it is necessary like having to hurt you to help you by for example digging a sliver out of your hand or foot BUT we always have, do now, and will forever in the future immensely enjoy hearing our children tell us how much they appreciate and love us.  Get up and call or visit now, love the father God gave you because he is going to take him back home some day.

Happy Fathers Day dad I love, miss, and appreciate you.

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