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Fathers and Families

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One Response to “Fathers and Families”

  1. Don’t be fooled! Our Courts have been Taken Over by Lawyers, psycho-therapists, and their court-buddy Judges. The LAST thing you want to do as an American, Canadian, and/or European Male is to marry a woman who lacks integrity, and/or who doesn’t Love you … or to father a child by her: as YOU will PAY up for the next 18 years whether you like it or not, and/or whether you get to “visit” with your own kids or not. And if you fall behind, you will go to JAIL for failure to PAY: for children that you can’t even see: much less “visit” with: unless you can afford an above the law Lawyer, therapist, “private mediator,” etc.. (i.e. $1-2K per month over and above “Child Support” — till you run out of Loot)

    I didn’t believe it when a friend told me what I was in for in my custody battle in “Family Court” : not for Sole Legal Custody but just to stay in the life of my own Child.

    See my Family Court Page for more details on what you — as an American, Canadian, and/or European male — can expect should you ever father a child with a woman who wants to shove you off of the back of the Bus: i.e. or to simply Pay Up and Disappear.

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