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Buffalo Jills Lawsuit

Yep and hooters girls sue because they had to wear skimpy outfits. This is feminazis gone wild. Enough already. There are reasons to have causes this is not one of them. Cheer leaders are part of the sex industry like it or not. Jiggle tests, wearing bikinis, and playing the sex game are part of the job. These women knew this going into it. Many people have to pay for their own uniforms. All the women in my life do their own hair, makeup, and nails. Seriously the latter three are a choice. They had to do a golf charity where they had to ride on the laps of the golfers. It does not take a genus to know that golf is a foursome and there are only 4 seats in the carts. This is much ado about nothing and I hope it is treated as such. The Bills and the Jills can hardly afford anymore black eyes, especially for nothing.


2 Responses to “Buffalo Jills Lawsuit”

  1. Wow, is that photo current? The 80’s called, and it wants all the “big hair” back.

  2. Ha! It is dated and less likely to be a copyright problem. It is a reunion picture I believe. Nice catch.

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