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Hillary’s Dodge

Yep, the media got it right this time. I am sure that by now everyone has heard about Hillary’s shoe dodge. It was an after thought dip alright. Has no one noticed the lag time in her evasive dive action? She ducked long after the shoe was by her. Her dodge was the fact that she thought a second and extrapolated that if she executes this dip she would elicit a bit more emotional response from the people. Taking a dive like this at a public event such as this can do nothing more than to boost points. In view of the former statements one has got to consider the possibility the whole “duck” event may have been orchestrated to do just that, raise “poll” points. The true dodge is that she pulled it off because everyone is buying into it. View the video again. One does not have to watch closely to see the huge reaction time delay. Do not let this huckster suck you in again.



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