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Town of Tonawanda


Rather than comment on blogs that have nothing to do with the Town of Tonawanda, here is your venue to venture into all the things that you care to say about or comment on the Town of Tonawanda and/or being employed there.

There will be given a wider latitude to the posts made here.  Do not despair if you do not see them right away because my filters cover all commenter’s on all blogs.  Just give me a little time to approve them.  I will probably mark this page as mature.  Have fun, visit and comment often, tell everyone.

Have at it, enjoy!

6 Responses to “Town of Tonawanda”

  1. Heard the Town Board is looking into to gutting the Dept of useless positions and personnel.

    Long overdue.

  2. Lou Michele is sharpening his pencil now that local bloggers are linking Sam the fake-tanned bloated sham to the cover-up of a Hit & Run. Kharma’s a bitch ain’t it old buddy?

  3. Can someone clue me in to what’s going on at that PD?
    Rumors of a massive lawsuit and the entire career of an up-and-coming superstar hanging by a thread?
    You’d best get some umbrella liability insurance boy, because from what I hear, the Town ain’t backing you on this one.

  4. another big embarrassment coming…trust me on this one. hahahahahah…

  5. Who? What?

  6. It’s coming. A great big steaming, peanut and corn speckled shitter.
    Dropped right in the Town’s lap.
    Get your Prozac ready.

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