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Best Two Minutes of the Year

No, I am not talking about anyone’s sex life. It is the running of the 140th Kentucky Derby. I am not encouraging gambling but it is a very exciting event when you have a stake in it. It only takes $2. The Triple Crown has been a long tradition in my family. My grandfather was from Ukraine before the Russian revolution. His family had land, money, a big house, and horses. He is alive because of those horses. The Bolsheviks burnt his barn and they heard the horses screaming. He grabbed what he could put in his pockets and came to America. This being said my grandfather liked playing the ponies. When he got older he would not move here because we only had harness racing and he knew his ponies, jockies, and “connections” where he lived in Pennsylvania. When we went to visit he would always let me pick a horse or two.

This brings me to The Kentucky Derby. I always try to put a couple (sometimes more but not lately due to our circumstances) of bucks aside for everyone to have some fun. These three events (Derby, Preakness, Belmont) are the best sporting events of the year and it only takes six minutes for all three. Really try it. It truly is a lot of family fun. The yelling, screaming (sounds like family already, right?) and rooting for your horse(s) is a blast. This is a sport that everyone can enjoy and understand from young to old, male and female, without having to commit a lifetime of study and understanding. The horse runs and one wins. There is also a 2nd and third place. One day, before I die I would love to be there live. Try it once watch your family come alive with excitement.

I miss you grampa.


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