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Blog Suggestions?!

Hi folks! Do you have any thing that you would like to see discussed? Name it here. I will entertain what I can as if my time is not spread thin enough, but what the heck!

Thanks All


3 Responses to “Blog Suggestions?!”

  1. Dear Bernie, I post regularly on Glenn Sachs. Presently, has video links to a June 8 NY Senate hearing on judicial and lawyer corruption. The corruption is unbelievable and the head of NY Bar complains his testimony is recorded. This would turn any one against judges and the courts. I’ve linked to this on Glenn Sachs but it may not be posted. I would appreciate your assistance in helping spread this around.
    Terence Finnan
    P.S. you’re in NY and they maybe more hearings in Western NY

  2. Link to corruption in Niagara County.

  3. Terence,

    There has been major corruption in NF for a very long time now.

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