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Buffalo School Segregation

Alarming numbers according the Buffalo News. I am also sure that some pinhead is going to receive a $1 million grant to figure out why this is happening again after an attempt to fix it. Here are the numbers that were published; in 1972 there was 70% segregation, in 1992 39% of the schools were segregated, and in 2012 the number is back to 70%.

This is not rocket science folks. The school system in a cost saving measure stopped many years ago “bussing” students to other schools in other neighborhoods. Wow hard to figure out! The point is that people naturally segregate themselves, not because of hatred or racism but because “birds of a feather.” Irish gravitate towards Irish. Polish gravitate toward Polish. African toward African. Hispanic toward Hispanic, etc. This is not new nor a mystery. Common culture, lifestyles, interests, language and more bind people together. People that live in a neighborhood together go to school together. Mystery solved, give me the $1 million grant please for studying and solving the problematic question.

Common sense is not so common.


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