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Boys Behavioral Problems

Boys do not have behavioral problems anymore than girls. Boys and girls are different that is why we call the boys and girls. Boys cannot be expected to act like girls and girls cannot be expected to act like boys.

Society in general, especially the schools in this country do not believe this and they have been the center of this controversy for decades. Can you imagine if schools told girls stop reading so much, playing with those dolls, sitting still and quiet, told these activities are not good for you, after all these are sedimentary activities which are unhealthy at best. Let us tell these girls to act more like boys. It is OK to open your mouth, test your waters, attempt to assert yourself as the alpha female of the group.

If these girls do not participate in these activities we should immediately diagnose them with depression, being reclusive, anti-social, self-destructive, being a negative achiever, suicidal, and any other of the myriad of conclusions we can divine by superficial observations. Additionally, we will not let them or their parents know that this is part of a monumental social experiment in brain-washing, passive aggressive personality shaping to fit a singular “acceptable” mold determined by group think, and emotionally, socially, economically, psychologically, and genetically altering these girls to be boys. If these girls do not alter their behavior they will be subject to powerful drugs that potentially include real, synthetic, or chemicals that are masked but mimic hormones of men in order to make them more masculine, despite the fact that they will develop large muscles, adams apple, a penis, and testicles but not breasts.

This is the heart of what we are doing to boys. Boys are supposed to behave exactly like they behave and the vast majority do not have ADHD. We do not need to drug them because these boys are acting like…boys. We have been doing everything to boys that I have suggested above that we do to girls for more than a few decades.

Many today ask where are all the men? The answer is clear they have been indoctrinated and disappeared into an unnatural evolution of homo sapien. There is the old colloquial joke that has one woman asking the other why she does not have ideal man (boyfriend) and why she does not have the always elegant dresser, articulate, well-groomed, masterful house keeper, great chef, romantic, never forgetful, sensitive, in touch with his feminine side man. The other girl says “He already has a boyfriend.”

If you think the scenario about altering the behavior of girls to the extent of drugging them with chemicals that will not only make them act more manly but also look more like a man is far-fetched then you have been living under rock and need to educate yourself about Risperdal, gynecomastia and boys. We are making boys act and look feminine. We must stop the madness before it is too late for all not just for some. How many boy have committed suicide because of this drug? This is an interesting media secret. Wake up people.



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