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Zimmerman Telegraph and the 100 Year WWI

WWI has not yet ended. As with the colloquial statement with a particularly disturbing picture or conveyance of an idea that forms a picture in your head where “You cannot unsee that” some people still think that Mexico was on our side. This is far from the truth. The fact is that Germany planted a seed in Mexico’s head with the coded Zimmerman telegram. This was a telegram that basically told Mexico Germany would help Mexico if they helped Germany with America. They promised monitory help. They promised lands that were taken by Texas and the United States.

Originally in WWI the Mexican government decided that the idea of declaring war on the United States with the help of Germany had several flaws.

  • The United States was very strong
  • Germany was going to give Mexico money for arms. The United States was “the” arms manufactures for the Western hemisphere
  • They could not depend on arms from Germany because Britain owned the Atlantic
  • If Mexico went to war with the US it would cause problems with the ABC countries to which Mexico wanted to remain allies
  • The well armed English-speaking “rednecks” in the territories in question would be at best problematic for the Mexican government

What does this have to do with today and how does this mean that WWI did not end? Well again that which has been seen cannot be unseen. Mexico has been waiting patiently for these factors to change. In case you have not been paying attention all over the West and South-West there have been for years US politicians of Mexican decent stating in different ways that “We are taking over, the old white man is dying, not having as many kids, and he deserves to die, and if he does not die quickly enough we should kill him so that we can have our country back.” Look it up. There are many videos of these public speaches. These people should be impeached and tried for treason, but nothing happens to them. They are inciting riots. The point is the Zimmerman telegram is coming to fruition. The facts now are:

  • America is weaker, much weaker. Obama is going to bring the numbers of our military to the lowest in history
  • It no longer seems that Mexico has an issue with the lack of arms
  • Arms from Germany and Britain controlling the Atlantic is moot
  • ABC Countries are mostly a moot issue
  • English-speaking rednecks with guns are not anywhere near the problem that they use to be 97 years ago, now are they? Most of the “territories” are overrun with legal and illegal Mexicans that are problematic at best.

They have been organizing monuments to Mexico and how it is their territory and protest how the “gringos” should go back to Europe. Never mind that they got their Spanish heritage and language from Spain (in Europe). Ignorance abounds and that is what is so dangerous about these organized Mexicans in this country. These “protesters” do not even know that they are European themselves.

The Zimmerman telegram has not been lost in history it just was put in the slow cooker and is just now coming to fruition.


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