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911 Slip on Malaysia Issue

The 911 report wants all of us to believe that those indestructible black boxes on the planes that hit the WTC vaporized. All 4 of them. This has never happened before, ever. On this particular day 4 of them went missing. Below is an interesting clip from an expert about Malaysia 370. If you do not believe me do your own research on how they have always been recovered and research the information on how they really are indestructible. Most people only believe their own research anyway and it will be more convincing to you.

Just for information black box testing includes but is not limited to:

  1. high velocity impacts
  2. Exposed to 1100*C temperatures for 1 hour
  3. 10 smoldering fire
  4. 30 day immersion in sea water
  5. immersion in every fluid on a plane
  6. Click here to see the possible slip up on the 911 black boxes. It starts at about 2:00. How many boxes went missing on 9/11?


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