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Automat Comeback

Anyone remember the original “fast-food?” They were called automats. The food was ready-made and waiting so you do not have to. They were for lack of a better description not machine but rather human operated massive full wall vending machines. There were little shelves behind windows that had “fresh” food on plates. To open the windows you had to put your coins in a slot and the window would unlock. The rest of the facility was like a cafeteria. They were fun places. I had been to a few in NYC in the heyday.

These seem to be making a comeback, sort of…

There are now ATM like devices that dispense cupcakes. These are popping up in cities all over the country. Sure they will never be anything like automats of yesteryear but an interesting story and great excuse for me to reminisce about those times that I have enjoyed but will never be able to visit again.

You want a real hoot? The word “automat” is not in spell check or dictionaries anymore. Take a look for yourself.



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