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I Like Pluto


Neil Degrasse Tyson and the IAU are planetists. What I mean is that they are bigots in regard to planets. I can prove it. Pluto is a (pay attention) dwarf planet. Did you catch that dwarf “planet.” Ergo Pluto is a “planet.” There is no reason to demote it, it is a planet. Did I say Pluto is a planet but a dwarf? What words would there be for the IAU and Tyson if we made this personal and applied what happened to Pluto to people? I am sorry sir or mam you are a non-person because you are a dwarf. Think this is to harsh? Too bad I like Pluto.

Truth be told, what is really going on is that Pluto was demoted on August 24, 2006 because Pluto was the only planet discovered by an American and shortly before America cut funding to the IAU. Sorry folks this is nothing but sour grapes and Neil Degrasse Tyson was in part a pawn in this scheme.

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