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Clayton Allen Jr., Partiot

Clayton Allen, Jr. you are a true American patriot. Thank you. It is encouraging to know that respectful young men still exist. Be proud of your parents and yourself, it is sad to say that you seem to be a rare representation of what America was once.

There has been lately much bad press given to the black community as of late with the knockout game and black mobs, among other things. I cannot imagine the enormity of the impact that you have played on racial relations. You are truly an inspiration. All of us need more young men of your caliber in our midst.

Clayton Allen, Jr. if you do not know him is a 21-year-old grounds keeper at his alma matter. He was outside when he heard 2 classes reciting the Pledge and he paused to give respect. I am sure he is not the only one who has ever done this but America needs to spread these stories of manners, patriotism, respect, exemplary upbringing to every corner of America. This young man helps me to feel proud to be an American.


More on Clayton Allen, Jr.


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