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Marcus Matthews a Good Man

Marcus Matthews is a very young men’s rights activist. He is receiving attention for ideas that are not new. Many in the field of men’s rights including myself have been presenting thoughts and concerns that he examines in his book “I Am Not the Father” since he was in diapers and before. This is not his fault. It is the fault of the media. I am just glad that finally the media is paying some attention to this very serious subject and how men are abused by the system and women.

He is not a good man because he agrees with my conservative friends and me but rather because he seems to want to genuinely want to help people. How do I know? I do not for sure. All I can say is that although I am sure that he is making money he is only charging $12 for his book. I am sure that he could charge double but it is not within his character to take advantage of people. After all he knows how that feels.

Marcus, keep the faith, do not dismiss we “old guys” that started this fight before you were born, and DO NOT let corporate America spoil your good-hearted nature. Men not only need an avenue to get help but affordable help. Marcus you ARE an asset to a great cause. Thank you.


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