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Ralph Wilson and the Bills Fate

RIP Ralph Wilson. You will be missed.

Many have for years believed that the fate of the Bills would rest directly with Mr. Wilson’s death. Others angrily state in a mantra like way that the Bills are not going anywhere. They defend their stance with the fact the Bills were left to the daughters in the will, and that there is a penalty for them to move. They also believe that someone from Buffalo will purchase them.

All these points are true but are mailable. Mr. Wilson’s mansion was left to the daughters to but that does not mean that they will not sell it. These fans are a little naive to think that someone from Buffalo will bid on and win the purchase of the Bills. Linda, the most likely candidate to keep them in Buffalo died last year. Christine and Edith seem to have no interest in owning an NFL team. There is a $400 million dollar penalty for them moving before 2020. This contract was made, with all due respect, a dead man. This should not be difficult for a smart lawyer circumnavigate, besides 6 years is not a long time to wait. Sorry fans, the reality is that these are the current circumstances of the Bills.

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