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Jim Kelly A Question of Character

Cancer is a horrible disease. No one deserves to go through it. Jim Kelly is no exception. I wish him full recovery. This does not however, exclude him from questionable acts of character. None of us are perfect and anyone can pick apart my life, it would be easy, but like it or not money does make things a little easier, and being a celebrity affords you a little less latitude with aspects of your life.

Wings Flights of Hope is truly an organization that is almost 100% altruistic. It was Jim Kelly’s place to say “Thanks but no thanks.” I am not anti rich but I believe the man has the ways and the means to get himself to NYC quickly. I just fear that the economy being what it is funds could become short and a person that truly does not have the means will not get a ride because Mr. Kelly used those funds.

I do know people who may at some time in the near future need this service. That being said some feel uncomfortable about people knowing their business and others do not want the attention so their names will not be divulged. The only thing that I can do to make the point is to make this personal. (Just substitute “I” with the name of someone you know that are in similar circumstances) A few years ago, I lost my job, my house, all that we own (including but not limited to baby pictures, yearbooks, diplomas, personal items from deceased parents and grandparents, and our family dog) this includes my medical insurance. Complicating this is trying to help take care of 3 kids and 2 grandkids. I make 1/4 of what I use to and have very little disposable funds. I have no help with my medical needs. I need insulin, needles and test strips. I also have had rectal polyps removed that tested positive. I am over due for an exam. There may or may not be more “things” to remove. The point is my friends or family or even I may need the service and if funds are short because someone who could afford to take care of himself they/I will not get that ride. Please people do not use a service that is designed to help people in need if you can afford the service on your own.

An appeal for humanity, if there is anyone knows a service that get me insulin, needles, test strips, and a free colonoscopy and possible follow-up appointment if more problems are found, please forward it to me. I will share this information so it can help others in need and make good use of it myself. I still need to be around for my family a “little” longer.

FINAL NOTE: PLEASE everybody if you are a man, or if you love a man, or have a friend, family member, cousin, uncle, or know any man 40 or above TELL THEM TO SCHEDULE A COLONOSCOPY! Due to problems and issues I have had to get this procedure done since I was in my 20’s and IT SAVED MY LIFE. It is NOT invasive, it is NOT embarrassing, it IS LIFESAVING. THIS IS NO JOKE.

Men it is easy. Take care of yourselves so that you can take care of others that you care about.

All the best,


One Response to “Jim Kelly A Question of Character”

  1. See if this can help you out. You didn’t give any information on whether you had any insurance or not.

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