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Red Ink for Red Ink

Apparently there is a not so new idea that correcting school children’s papers and tests with red ink is … distressing. Wow! Red ink marking has been discouraged by some schools and in the UK in some schools red ink grading has been banned.

Are you kidding me? 100% papers are marked in red ink. These people are literally making something of nothing. It is today’s educators that should scare parents especially if they believe this tripe. When red ink is replaced with another color, will not that color be the villain in the new paradigm?

A study in the European Journal of Social Psychology suggests the use of red pens may make teachers more likely to spot errors on tests. The horrors, teachers catching mistakes.

There is absolutely no value in giving out a 100th place ribbon. Stop coddling these kids or they will not be prepared for the real world. If they fail so be it they will try harder or be lazy and fail again or find something to which they do excel. People are not good at everything, get use to it. This is THE important life lesson. Unfortunately because there are so many bobble-head parents and people out there saying, uh-huh yep this person said this and I read this, I believe it and we have to stop the madness. They do these things and support these causes without any consideration to the fact that they survived the trauma of “red ink” themselves.

If the kid is afraid of red ink he/she has bigger problems and needs serious help, get it for them.

2 Responses to “Red Ink for Red Ink”

  1. So true. Great post.

  2. It’s time we stop coddling these kids. Don’t hurt their self esteem? What do they think getting fired from job after job is going to do when their employers are fed up with their whining or refusing to do a job that is not interesting to them. I think more red ink now will lead to less red ink when they are “adults” and can’t keep a job.

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