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Bohemian Grove Murder

You probably never heard of Bohemian Grove. Here is a brief education. It is a summer camp in California for 9 figure plus million and billionaires. They do not attend this summer resort to escape the “troubles” of their money empire. Rather it is a think tank in the middle of the forest. They scheme about ways to keep obtaining your money to say nothing about their “rituals.”

The bottom line is that they play their games with our lives over a week or two period in the summer after much … who knows what for sure. Just look it up. It is no big secret, and you decide. The point being is that they stand to make or break their banks with the decisions that are made at this high-powered pow wow. What does this have to do with anything? It has everything to do with global warming, climate change, whatever. Notice how now it is called climate change because there has been no warming for about two decades now.

These men decide the fate of many things, trends if you will that will make them more rich. They will protect their interests very selfishly. Any ripple in the group think could cost them their entire fortunes so it is not a stretch of the imagination to believe that they might protect their interests by nefarious means.

Enter Roger Revelle. This man investigated the “potential” effects of CO2 on the environment in 1957 and co-wrote a short paper. This is not unlike Darwin’s observation about a potential evolution. It was an observation that he put into a theory that he did not believe was set in concrete. The same with Roger Revelle. He came up with a theory. When it became out of hand he made the worst decision of his life. In 1991 he attended the Bohemian Grove pow wow and for all intents and purposes he denounced man-made global warming. Roger Revelle then died of a “heart attack” shortly after.

Heart attacks are easy to bring on and easy to fake. Some would argue that these people of power are deep into fossil fuels. This is likely true. These people did not become rich because they are ignorant. They know that to diversify is extremely important including if it seems counter intuitive or diametrically opposed to the business that they are currently involved. All things evolve and change and if you are not already invested in the future it is already lost to you.

Along comes Roger Revelle of Scripps Institute of Oceanography, the atomic energy commission, who studied potential issues possibly created in the atmosphere by the detonation of atomic bombs. He denounces man-made global warming at the peak of green energy developement, right Al? Many people had much to lose. Ironically, the person who caused all the stir and created the global warming hype unintentionally suddenly denounces it as not credible and only a theory dies shortly after his announcement. This has got to raise red flags to the most skeptical of people.

Follow the money.

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