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The 100

The 100 CW is going to fail miserably. It is a great show. That is the problem. How to explain without spoilers. The 100 is rather well done from a slice of life aspect. There are the guinea pigs. The sacrificial lambs to test the waters for the rest of the humans. Is the earth again fit for human life? Not that it matters because resources are running out on the space station. No spoiler alert there because it does not take a genius to figure out what problems living in space may bring on a station not meant for total self-sufficiency. The delinquents (for the most part) of the society are these guinea pigs. There are a few intelligent kids with common sense (that is not so common in real life or on this show) who apply their analytical skills to predict potential future events by applying before hand their choices to the question “If we do or do not do this what are the possible benefits or consequences?”

The rest of the delinquents once they believe that they are not under the strict regulations of a society confined to a tin can in space feel that there are no holds barred. Rules do not have to exist. There are no consequences. They are free to do anything and it will not adversely affect them. They in typical entitled fashion will not trek with the few (with IQ’s over 100) to retrieve supplies from an underground mountain stronghold. A facility built to help people survive a catastrophic war houses among other things food for immediate survival until the landing party can establish themselves. It is impossible to explain to the majority how their rebellion is not going to punish those who had them incarcerated or sent them to earth. They cannot see nor do they care that they are participating in self-destructive behaviour that can only ultimately lead to their own complete demise.

Yes many shows employ this type of plot. The difference is that in The 100 it is so over the top, it is reality. It is something that we all experience every day. People that are so ignorant and entitled that one has to only shake their head and state “I do not believe that the human race deserves to exist as a species on this planet any more. It is like those who feel everything is owed to them and everything for them should be free forever. They cannot comprehend their own shortsightedness. They have no clue even when told that some day the whole system is going to implode and those care takers that you demanded take care of you will not be there and you will have to take care of yourself. Too late you can’t. You have not just doomed your care takers but rather yourself. This goes further than that and is liken to those who believe that they are either the only person in the world or are the most important person in the world. Everyone knows the type. They are the ones that step out into the street and expect that a 2,000 pound bullet can and should stop on a dime just because they entered the street 2 feet in front of you. Again the entitled and over privileged.

This show is so real (so far), like Boston Public, that if it stays this way, it must fail. No one wants to be reminded of the life that they are currently living and of the jerks to which we must share it. People in general want to escape for a while, not have the life they are living slap them in the face on television. It is very aggravating. Instead of one or two antagonists there are just too many people who you so desperately want to choke

Personally, I like it because it is a wake up call, and can be used as a learning lesson. Most people just cannot handle the stark reality.

Break a leg “The 100” I like the show and wish it success.

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