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Body Image

Target, Barbie, commercials, models, magazine ads, all set up women to impossible standards, unhealthy lifestyles and choices. Wah, wah, wah. People wonder why there is a war between the sexes. There is no mystery It is because of the extreme polarization in the way people are treated and the attention given to one sex that can easily be made into a universal issue because it truly affects everyone equally.

Everyone from the media, to parents, special interest groups, and girls alike believe and have attacked Target for their ad that “tweaked” a girl’s appearance. It can be seen here
Is everyone that naive? Does no one realize that this is done for all people? Female, male, old, young, black white, athletic, average, virtually everyone has their image altered for ads. This is why they work. How did this become just a woman’s or girls issue? It affects men just as much if not more. There are many things, lets face it that women can do to their bodies that are impossible for men to do even surgically. Who is at the greater disadvantage? Men and boys have facial hair added or removed, muscles, 6 pack abs enhanced, chest hair added, they are made taller, given more chiseled facial features, and given a bigger package, to name a few enhancements.

Women really have no complaint. This is a monster of their own design. They are the ones who choose to wear and started the trends of, base, rouge, lipstick, eye lashes, eyeliner, eye shadow, color their hair, push up bras, girdles, pantyhose, high heel shoes to accent the butt and make you taller, butt shaping jeans, and this is the short list. They were not forced to do this they liked the control that went with the power of these image altering items. Truly women have the advantage. Despite the altered photos for ads, women have the above options to imitate these looks while out in public. No self-respecting man on the other hand can get away with any of these tactics of camouflaging the truth in public. Men and only men are stuck with who they are with no quick fix to emulate the impossible standers of the men and boys in ads, billboards, magazines, and on television when they go out.

This puts men at an exponentially larger disadvantage considering they are the ones who have to do the pursuing. Women have the advantage of blatantly being able to misrepresent themselves fairly easily compared to men. Women wonder why they always find the jerks. It is not hard to divine. You all go for the same man who is a jerk. Since a man cannot “make himself up” Like a woman can, there are fewer men that women notice, so you all end up with the same ego driven jerk that you all have swooned over adding to his already over inflated ego. He is such a big jerk because many women pour gasoline on his matchstick. Want to know why many men are angry. This is it. Many women have been had by this jerk and it strokes his ego that he leaves the rest of us with those he already used (and they were all dumb enough to fall for his ego and lines, it is discouraging, aggravating, and humiliating from this perspective)…we are all second choice or more to a jerk, but I digress.

Men have the same image issues but they are more problematic for the reasons mentioned above, yet there is little to no out cry about it. There is no network, study, or anyone attempting to prevent the damage this dies to men and boys. Frankly, there are many people who are tired of hearing that only women have societal and medical issues that need to be solved because it simply is not true. Women’s issues are not always the worst and the biggest. There is a growing movement… if women and girls are not careful apathy for their “causes” is going to grow proportionally with their disregard to their concerns to anyone but themselves.

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