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Malaysia Flight 370

First, thoughts and prayers out to the victims, family and friends.

There are only two possibilities.

  1. An intentional act.
  2. A tragic catastrophic accident.

There are several odd occurrences to consider.

  1. No phone calls or texts from passengers or crew
  2. 13 days and no group or individual has taken credit
  3. No debris
  4. No “ping” from the black boxes
  5. Transponder manually shut off
  6. No leaked information of plot by co-conspirators
  7. The flight computer of Flight 370 was programmed to do a “u-turn” before the copilot signed off to ground control by saying “all right, good night,”
  8. 2 stolen passports used to board plane
  9. Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s had information deleted from his flight simulator
  10. at least one pilot should have an oxigen mask on at 12,000 feet or more

What does any or all of this mean? Who knows. It would seem logical that a deliberate act would presuppose that someone would take credit for it. This is couple with the other deliberate acts of shutting down equipment. Then again people are not logical. There could be a natural explanation that could cause this also like perhaps ball lightning, but again it is only possible.

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