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America Must Declare a National Language

America must declare a national language before it is too late. This is simple and I will keep it short. Currently tensions are high in Ukraine. In part this is because of language which also represents culture. It is very emotional therefore very dangerous. This of course is not Ukraine’s only issue but it is a large part. Way back in the 20th century, almost near the end Canada, Quebec, and the United States had similar high tensions. The tensions were so high there was talk of war. Why? Well Quebec among other things wanted all information including things like road signs to be in both languages English and French. Many saw this as a waste of finances for such a small part of the population. There was of course more to it than this but I promised to keep it short.

Why is this a big deal?

Quebec was not going to get their way and threatened succession. Quebec is on the St. Lawrence. The St. Lawrence is a major shipping lane for all three parties involved. Quebec and America would still have access but Quebec once independent would have a virtual strangle hold on Canada by not allowing commercial shipping to reach Canada, have heavy tariffs levied for using the waterway or worse. It was the worse that had Canada and the United States concerned. America aligned itself with Canada because Quebec having half of the St. Lawrence could also molest U.S. shipping. There were mutterings of war in the air and although it would have promised to be a short skirmish lives would have been lost all because of a language and cultural issue.

This is why America has to declare a national language now before it is which it may be already too late. This would serve the purpose of serving to squelch civil issues up to and including war. Furthermore it would let immigrants know exactly where they and we stand. They would come here knowing that they not us have to assimilate. No one then can feel entitled to be offended. No one is saying abandon your heritage but we are saying you left your country for ours so you have to change a little not us. Besides it makes perfect sense on many levels including social and economical. It is much easier for an immigrant to learn one language that for everyone else to learn 100 of the other languages coming here. This also kills the financial burden of having everything in dozens on languages.

I would like to add that we speak American, not English. I mean really, I dare you to try to have an intelligent conversation with and American and person from England, you will not understand each other.

One has to wonder why or to what agenda our government is playing since this makes so much sense. Mark these words that America will not heed, this thing not done will cause massive civil unrest and bloodshed. They know it and we know it so it is criminal, not treasonous not to take action on this issue TODAY. Food for thought.

A last thought. One also has to wonder why it is difficult at best to find any information on this near disaster. It seems to have been lost in the main stream media of the day. An appeal from me to benefit everyone. If anyone else remembers this “little incident” and that it went down close to the way stated here please post so that the seriousness of this and other situations cannot be swept under the rug and forgotten, it is far to important of an issue.

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