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Ebony Wilkerson is the Problem

Let us not sugar coat this one, OK folks? Ebony drove into the ocean. Ebony did this with her three kids in the car. Ebony did this while pregnant. Ebony did this to kill her children and take them to a better place. Ebony told them to close their eyes and go to sleep while driving on the beach and into the ocean. Lets drop the media lace curtain and the female discount on this one. Remember she had the clarity of mind to make up that the waves dragged her van into the ocean and to blame her husband for her actions. Right now it is unsure what direction this is going because a judge has issued a stay away order of protection against her husband Lutful Ronjon as if he was the one behind the wheel of the car. Now the children are without both parents.

Ebony Wilkerson is the problem in this case folks not her husband. Ebony was so committed to her cause she fought with rescuers. The children knew what she was doing and told interviewers that their mother intended to kill them. Somehow the man in her life is dragged into what she herself did to her children. Appalling. Here is the proof that her van was not captured by the waves and she drove into the ocean.

Sorry cannot get embed code to work here is the video link

injunction of Lutful Ronjon

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