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Boy Dead, Father Under Investigation because Daughter Lies

Once again the drive by media finds the emotional women who will taint the court of public opinion by implying the man is responsible for events beyond his control. A boy, Johran McCormick, is dead! A man has to live with killing a boy for the rest of his life. A girl is a the center of the problem BUT we should try to find a way to blame the man. This article implies that it is possible the father may face charges. Here is one of the “But” videos that imply the father should have done something else. Now the family wants charges levied. Make no mistake this man committed no crime, nor does one “ask more questions” in a potential life and death struggle. Reason should prevail but common sense does not seem to be “common” any more.

No disrespect intended, as a father I weep over Johran’s death, he however did make a dumb kid mistake. He should never have been a party to sneaking into the house at such a late our and then hide under a bed. I do understand his actions but they were part of the problem. The girl was the majority of the problem. She let him in and then in a typical false rape accuser style claimed she did not know him. She bears the overwhelming majority of the blame for the circumstances that unfolded. I understand her reasons but this does not excuse her from responsibility. The father was only going on the information that he was provided. What else could he do in a situation that required split second decisions? Unfortunately it seems the daughter is going to escape the medias lime light and not learn as much as she should from the tragedy that she caused.

I offer both of the families my thoughts and prayers, and GODSPEED Johran

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