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Progression of Laws

This is not about being judgemental this is concern about the reality of laws and human nature. There is a healthy reason to fear “gay marriage” like it or not. Think about it rationally. Any group can claim “what is normal?” Any time a law is passed that is prohibitive or liberating in nature does not mean that it is a good thing. All laws progress once the proverbial foot is in the door. They all become “more” of the original intent, always. Indecent exposure for example has progressed from women having to damn near to wear a full dress and pantaloons while bathing at the beach to public nudity and going topless being acceptable under many circumstances.

Many will argue with me but the acceptance of alternative sexual lifestyles will progress to the point where even those who identify with a particular group will object. This will be warranted and correct but hypocritical. This is one reason that we as a country must be careful about how far we make equal go. What is next? Polygamy? Inanimate objects? Animals? Children? Probably all of the latter. No matter how emotionally involved you are with this story or what side of the line you stand on this is serious and progressive. If you do not believe me there is now information circulating that “We can’t prove sex with children does them harm.” Sad but true. This is a natural progression of other ideas and laws. Make no mistake this is and the first step to legalizing sex with younger and younger people. Do not take my word for it read the study and its twisted implications here

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