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When is an Adult an Adult?

Rachel Canning, 18 is suing her parents for all living expenses including college. Yes, all living, food, rent, travel, school, etc. Do not get me wrong families are supposed to help each other (if they can) especially parents and kids, it is NOT however mandatory particularly when there has been an estrangement with cause and all are adults. This article is an example of liberal agenda media because of the near native advertising like wording to propagate a particular agenda. It is difficult to say exactly why CNN has cultivated this story this way but it seems that it is possible it is because Miss Canning is a Miss, a woman. Notice how this spoiled brat is conspicuously and continually called a teen, implying in the reader’s mind a helpless female child that must be protected at all costs through an outdated code of chivalry.

What is most egregious about this case it that it should never have come to court because she is an adult and should be able to be on her own. I am not blaming her as much as the system. Anyone will do anything that they think the system will allow. The problem is that this country has intentionally clouded the definition of adult. There is no real definition. Adult is defined by individual government determined circumstances that best fits its own agenda. There are no specific citations needed it is self-evident every day. Twelve year old tried as an adult in homicide case. Sixteen year old emancipates self from parents, can drive, and work. A Seventeen year old can no longer be declared on your taxes but because they are still an infant child, you as a parent still have to take care of them. An Eighteen year old male has to sign up with selective service, can vote, get married, enter into contracts, but if they cannot pay, live away from parents, the parents can still be held liable. Twenty-one year old can finally drink alcohol, but still has ties to parents money. Give me a break. This government needs to definitively state at what age a person is an adult and solely responsible for oneself, then and only then will all this nonsense stop.

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