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Arizona’s New Law on Gays

No, I do not agree with Arizona governor Jan Brewer vetoing bill on denying services to gays. I think that she and many others do not have the ability to see some aspects of this law.

Perspective: Help me understand, not everyone has to tolerate everyone in this country that is a persons right. Since this law some have taken to post signs in their business that state that they reserve the right not to serve the state legislators. I think that is great. It is your right as a business owner to have the right to run the business the way you want. There are many protections like the right to refuse service to anyone.

I really do not fully understand the problem with a business stating that they wish not to serve someone from the LGBTQQI community. My thinking is why would you want to patronize a place that does not want you? Being a biker I have similar issues. There is a restaurant “The Boston Hotel” that I will not go to because bikes, bikers, leather, and tattoos are not allowed so I will not visit that establishment. There are people who are going to read this that are more wealthy than I so I hope that they do not ever go to a restaurant that has a dress code because I cannot afford to buy the clothes to go these places but perhaps once a year or so I could afford a meal there. What is the difference? Discrimination is discrimination. If you go to these restricted restaurants and clubs you have to stop. Friends of mine and I were asked to leave a gay bar because we were straight, a very nice bar by the way City Lights, they did not want my money so be it.

Why would anyone care about this law, in fact it helps. It identifies those who do not want your business so why would you help them prosper by giving them your money? This makes no sense to me. Really the law seems to be a win for the LGBTQQI community. You really cannot force people to like or respect you, birds of a feather comes to mind. Forced integration works no better than forced segregation. Let us face it there are likely not too many bikers that hang out with bird watchers and visa versa but perhaps some. A better scenario, hunters and non-hunting wild life photographers, why force these people together? It makes no sense and no good can come of it. It seems to me that people are trying to mix oil and water despite the impossibility. They (the people who do not want you in their business) do not seem to like you and you do not seem to like them so why be together? Simple right?

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