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Hillary Won Presidency in 2016 USA Today Claims

“Poll: Hillary Clinton gains respect, likability for 2016,” according to “USA Today.” My God people, wake up. The big three of the scores of scandals are Watergate, Whitewater, and Benghazi, if these are not reasons to disqualify her then the American voters are morons and we are all lost. Men have been disqualified for having a past affair, she killed people. The poll further states: 38% of the people said there was a good chance that the would vote for Clinton if she ran in 2016. 24% said there was some chance (yeah, if you are thinking about it you will), 38% no chance, and 3% don’t know/refused. This tells me that 59% are voting for her. Yes I realize that there is the electoral college to consider but come on, really. No one has officially named themselves as candidates in 2016 but we already have declared a undeserving wiener, I mean winner. This is just the way that the media and the powers that be prepare the public to accept their agenda for the future. They bleed the information slowly so that when the time comes people are so use to the idea (not necessarily accepting of but use to the idea) that it is better accepted.

Link to the article below:
Welcome to the NWO. It does not matter what you do or say they have time to brainwash you. People as a collective have to put a stop to this now. Show them this type of manipulation will not work, n=do not vote for this worse yet not yet candidate, candidate.


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