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USA Today Vs. Buffalo News Headlines

It is difficult to have a lower opinion of the Buffalo News (morning print) but today their real estate value dropped a little more and USA Today’s went up. The headlines this morning are the reason why. USA Today headlined one of the most important, world reaching, and history in the making current events. It headlined the crisis in Ukraine, where two old superpower adversaries are bucking heads again in a way that they have not for more than 30 years. What did the Buffalo News headline? “12 Years a Slave” was named best picture at the 86th Academy Awards. The top half of the paper was about a movie and its award. Wow! The Ukraine crisis received about one eighth of the front page. Congratulations BN you just created another epic fail. Here is a story that potentially has world reaching implications and is history unfolding but you cover a story about a movie that won an award that was about an event that happened almost 200 years ago. Good job.

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