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Paula Dean Vs. Spike Lee

People magazines cover story today was Paula Dean 9 months after her “career-shattering scandal.” Paula Dean was also quoted saying that she learned a lot. Mind you this scandal happened how many decades ago? This all because she was asked if she ever used the word I assume nigger, although one truly can not be sure because they asked her if she ever used the n-word. Sorry, but I would want clarification in court where I may be incriminating myself . I would need to know what n-word they were referring to exactly, and I would want to know if the prosecutor or plaintiff has ever used the h-word, but that is a blog for another day. The point being, did Spike Lees “mother fucker hipster” rant become career-shattering and does anyone think 9 months from now a magazine will cover story him asking if he learned anything? YEAH, RIGHT! Only whitey can be racist.

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