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Steven W Hawking is Dying

I hope that you have fun with my little pelican brief theory that Steven W Hawking may be announcing his demise and/or his colossal “cosmic” joke for those of us who are clever enough to catch his brand of genius humor.

I believe that Steven W Hawking is dying. Yes, yes he has been for years because of ALS but he and only he really knows his body and perhaps perceives things “accelerating” that he has not shared with his doctor. There is a reason that I believe that Mr. Hawking knows this and is not sharing. In brief, he is not only a genius but he has a remarkable sense of humor. He also knows that he is so brilliant that there is nary a person that would argue with anything that he says. I would. He is book smart and has some savvy in the street smarts and/or sarcastic witticism that is the American language and mannerism. I believe that he is just being a comedic prick for the hell of it or more probably leaving behind the most humorous intellectual legacy of all time. This man has dedicated a good portion of his life to the study of black holes. He has examined and postulated the possibilities for decades and came up with very provocative models for varying scenarios. A very short time ago he said forget what everyone else and I have ever said about black holes it is all wrong and there are only grey holes.

If he is dying it will probably happen within a year, give or take. It is the information above that makes me believe that this is a real possibility. He is smart, has an interesting sense of humor, came up with what for the time being can be considered an outrageous new theory, and no one is going to question him. What do these seemingly disconnected things have in common? Everything. He knows these things about himself, and is going to exploit it to pull off the greatest scientific hoax/joke/prank in history. He “invented” the grey hole theory so on his death bed he can go down saying in a synthesized voice “a, a, a, a” (a computer sounding laugh) knowing that he just pulled off the best chain yanking in history because it will take the rest of the scientific world one hundred years to figure out that he was “just kidding.” They will be so occupied with trying to prove his theory that they will not be able to divine how they are collating his information incorrectly. They will only think that they are putting the information together wrong instead of looking at the fact that they have just been party to one of the most genius pranks of all time, but now you too.

NOTE: He does not necessarily have to be dying but it enhances the fun and intrigue of theory.

Have fun,



2 Responses to “Steven W Hawking is Dying”

  1. My theory is we are ALL dying, we do so from the day we are born- therefore….

  2. Yeah, I was expecting that answer from a smart aleck…LOL

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