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Spike Lee Racist

As a kid I spent some summertime in Brooklyn visiting my Uncle and I do not remember where he lived being a “black neighborhood.” So I guess the blacks moved in, the whites moved out and now are moving back. I cannot imagine the media feeding frenzy that would have occurred if some white person had gone on air and shouted expletives about black people moving into the neighborhood with a white audience applauding in the background. Whatever job he/she had would be gone, there would be protests, possibly riots and a public cry for an apology. What happens to Spike Lee? He gets a chance to attempt to justify his comments (his attempt fell woefully short) and all is peachy keen, but many would have everyone believe that black people are treated less fair that their white counterparts. This is just one example how that is a lie.

Mr. Lee I do not accept your explanation and I find it an insult that you would attempt to justify what you said. I am saying this because this is exactly what you would say if the races were reversed

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