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No Pleasing Some in Black Community

In an attempt to honor Martin Luther King Jr (Michael King but that is another story), on wax museum day Sean King a European American, was assigned to dress up as and do a presentation on the man. He wore a black suit, tie, mustache and black face paint. How else is a white boy to look like a black man? There is just no pleasing some people. With the recent articles in the news like this and the black history month meal, it seems that the black community is a “blacks only” restricted club. It is becoming more difficult to believe that the black community would prefer harmony between the races when it seems a European American can do nothing that will please.

Remember this boy was assigned a task that he was set up to fail. He was and his parents were told before his presentation started to wash is face or go home. He should have went home. The NAACP, also supported the above decision by the school. Instead of embracing the fact that this boy has no clue about racism they had to find something wrong with him honoring a black man.

I do not think that Martin Luther king Jr would have had a problem with a white boy emulating him the best way he could.

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