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Do You Know this Name? Jonathon Foster

No, of course not. There is a nefarious plot occurring in mainstream media, racial exculpation. Those in charge of the media do not deny this type of non-reporting for reasons of political agenda. Imagine if you will a white man kidnapping a 12-year-old black girl Christmas Eve. He then proceeds to torture her to death with a blowtorch and there is little to no coverage of the incident or now subsequent pending trial of the accused. You do not believe that something like this can escape the public and the public demand for coverage? It can, because this did happen and you have not heard about it. There are two marked differences the kidnapped was a 12-year-old white boy, Jonathon Foster, and the kidnapper a black female, Mona Yevette Nelson. This occurred on December 24, 2010. Everyone knows that the former story would have been carried for weeks in every gory detail, and the latter is its own proof, nary a word.

Take this story and run with it. Demand answers to this type of racial media censorship.

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