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High School Grades Not Impotrant for Texas Colleges

Texas has eliminated affirmative action from college admissions, not really. Admissions, since 1997, are not based on affirmative action law but instead the “top 10%” rule. This really is no different from affirmative action. What this top 10% rule does is to guarantee the students that graduate in the top 10% of their high school admission into a state funded college. This is meaningless and unfair to those that should be in college based on grades and other abilities. Think logically, 100% of school A students could have a higher GPA than all the students at school Z but not all the students from school A will be able to go to college because 10% at school Z already have a spot. Furthermore this also circumvents those who achieved things like a high standard of leadership skills or a remarkable SAT score. Face it this is just another attempt to fool the populace into believing there is a fair playing field when there is not. Funny that these educators and politicians believe that no one can see through their B… fog machine.

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