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The “T” Word The New “N” Word

Thug, Thug, Thug, Thug, it is NOT the word nigger. Anyone who has read my posts must by now realize that I do not use “the “N” word” in substitute for the word nigger. You see no word for me will be unspoken when used in context, that is to say for those that do not understand, I am not calling someone a nigger to be insightful, I am using the word as a reference, a quote, or what have you. It is not being used as an epithet so I nor should anyone else be afraid to use this word in that way. No word should have that type of status. I digress, back on track, thug will never become the word nigger for me, there is no way that someone in any way will stop me from calling someone a thug if I feel that they justifiably fit the description and definition. The worst of this is that this “t” word thing was started by Richard Sherman the thug, in my opinion, who went on a tirade that fit the old adage “a poor carpenter blames his tools.” He created this “t” word nonsense to redirect you and everyone else away from what HE did wrong, plain and simple. Transparent as a pane of glass.

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