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Buffalo’s MLK Statue Painted White

The bust of Martin Luther King Jr in MLK park was vandalized by being painted white a number of years ago. what makes this a particularly heinous crime is that acid was mixed in with the paint making it impossible to remove without doing some damage to the statue. Interestingly, the perpetrators were eventually caught and they were three black men who intended on stirring up racial issues by attempting to make this look like a white racist hate on black crime. What makes this even more interesting is that I seem to be having a difficult time finding the articles that were published on this crime. The initial reports of the vandalism, the days of conjecture stating how racism is alive and well in Buffalo, and the subsequent capture of the black men who orchestrated the ruse to cause an escalation in racial tensions.

Please if anyone can locate these articles leave a comment with the link. Thank you.


One Response to “Buffalo’s MLK Statue Painted White”

  1. I too am in search of Articles related to that issue. I was at the company one of the companies hire to try to clean that statue on that day and I have some interesting comments from the cameraman for the news covering the story that day.

    @gmail cutcom

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