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Censorship because of Race or Religion

Banning movies like Birth of a Nation and Song of the South, censoring of books like Tom Sawyer may seem like a good idea but it is a dangerous slippery slope that will, I guarantee you come to a free speech idea of your own and/or alter history in ways that cannot yet be imagined. It really does not matter how offensive you find an idea, movie, or what have you, the bottom line is that you do not have to read it, go see it, or listen to it if you do not agree with its ideas. Banning and censoring these movies and books is an egregious attack on free speech and a direct line to create thought laws and thought police.

There is not a subject, movie, book, idea, or person that someone somewhere does not find offensive. This would be a strong argument for censorship in this overly sensitive overly PC world. The problem is that with this attitude there is not a single subject, idea, book, and movie etc. that would not be altered to the government’s idea of group think. My God, there are many countries that have carried this idea too far and made it criminal for example, to mention that you do not believe the WWII holocaust or if you trivialize it (mind you there were worse like the Ukrainian holocaust which in my book is denial by omission, but that is a subject for another day). These laws are far more reaching and nefarious than one could imagine. They also make illegal certain symbols, gestures, uniforms, words, and tell you that you must agree with the Neurinburg Trials and they were totally right and just. Also illegal is the denial of genocide and crimes against humanity or to question the existence of these crimes by nazi, national socialist, or communist systems.

Who decides what symbols are appropriate or not? The swastika has been banned by some yet it was and is a symbol and has been around long before Nazi Germany. Who the hell is anyone to tell me I cannot wear this as a symbol of peace? What if a historical researcher uncovers evidence that a particular crime against humanity or alleged genocide was trumped-up, can he expose the evidence without fear of incarceration? This insanity has gone so far foe example that you can be jailed for a fear, xenophobia.

How far will censorship go? Only you can stop censorship.

Countries of concern:
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Czech Republic


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