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Enforcing the Law is Racist

President Nixon declared a war on drugs in 1971 and drugs are still a problem. Some in the black community think that this means that law enforcement should give up. Without going into all the conspiracy reasons why this war is not victorious, imagine just how bad things would be if this war was not being fought for the last four decades. The race card is only played when maximum exploitation can be obtained and often for nefarious reasons. The latest ploy by people in the black community is that enforcing the drug laws is racist, the cops can stop you for wearing a hoodie because it is suspicious and now they will find the drugs you are carrying. These charges are just minor misdemeanors so why enforce them especially since it unfairly targets black people? There was a rally in Washington DC because of Obama’s broken promises, with hundreds of black claiming the war on drugs is racist and anti-black. Solution; if you are going to be doing something that makes you look suspicious do not carry drugs on you and you will not be arrested.


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