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Karen Finney Uses the “C” Word

Oh yes she did! OK, I know that this is dated material but that is exactly the point. It is reprehensible that I have just now heard about this incident that occurred on January 29, 2013. Karen Finney from MSNBC on a broadcast of Now with Alex Wagner had a differing opinion than the conservatives so she called them “crazy crackers.” She went on to say “if they start with their very hateful language” it amazes me that she can say that in the same sentence. Who started with hateful language Karen? I cannot believe that her other co-workers did not walk off the set or have any reaction at all.

There was no out cry, a demand for apology from her and the network, she was not fired, and none of the myriad of other things that would have taken place if the roles were reversed ever happened. Apparently she can get away with it because she is black and a woman. Karen Finney gave a half-hearted tweet apology saying it wasn’t racial because cracker and crack pot are the same thing. Yep Karen and today nigger and uneducated can be used interchangeably with no one raising an eyebrow. Get a life, and MSNBC fire her as you would fire anyone else. We will be watching you reaction to any unintentional comment that another employee makes and its consequences.


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