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Obama NOT First Black President

What is black? Society and mixed racial people in general will and do accept that no matter how small a percentage of black you have in you that you are indeed black. It is reasonable for example to set limits and that being half or less of anything makes you not … whatever, it makes you both or all. Actually any percentage skews being all something. There is an illogical logic(?) that seems to prevail in regard to “black” people and that is or seems to be that being say for example half white does not make them any less black. Well then I guess being half black then does not make them any less white so I should be able to call them white without them taking offence, right?

I digress. Holding the above as a standard (any percentage makes you black) I have a challenge to all past living and to the families of deceased presidents to come forward and openly state your races and/or do a DNA test. I will state generously because the percentage is probably higher than the low-end number that is used that 75-100 percent of the United States presidents were black. What is funny here is that I am not offended by this fact but I am guessing that there will be a number of people in the black community that will take issue with that statement. At that point in time there will have to be made a decisive distinction of the definition “What is black?”

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