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In Honor of Black History Month

Knowledge is empowering. I am so sick of hearing racism. Tired I am being blamed for slavery. I am only a second generation immigrant. Get your facts straight before pointing fingers of blame. I had noting to do with slavery nor were you ever a slave. I do not get it except for the fact that some want to have a very weak excuse for their poor behavior and entitlements.

Fine, ATTENTION BLACK COMMUNITY IN AMERICA, you want to be angry at someone for slavery? I will give you a name. The name is of the first slave owner in the United States. Mind you he sued for the right to keep an indentured servant as a slave after his time debt was paid. First, before I reveal the name I just want to express that if you are black and angry about slavery it would seem logical that you would already know this name, but there is not one black person that I have encountered who could name said person. Please explain, if it is so important to the black community, because you were so wronged, why does no one know the answer to this simple question about who was the first slave owner in the United States?

The person to hate.

Here it is, are you ready? If you are truly committed to your hate and cause it will not change when the chilling truth is told. The first slave owner in the United States was … Anthony Johnson. Go ahead hate all you want, just do not be a hypocrite. No denial, no dismissal, no minimizing, not justifying, just stick with your cause and make this person and his family pay. Mr. Johnson was a black man and the first slave owner in the United States. He is the one who had the law of the land changed in court in 1655 so that there could be slave ownership because before this time there was only indentured servitude in the colonies.

Blacks went to war with other blacks and either killed, assimilated, made slaves of, or sold into slavery the others they captured. In the US a black man went to court to receive the right to be the first slave owner. The point being is that the first steps toward slavery in the US started in Africa and ended in America with black men leading the way on both continents. Put that in your righteous indignation pipe and smoke it, because in reality it does not matter who or why it was continued what matters is who started the whole process, a fact at is always conspicuously missing from these arguments. It makes sense however, if this information suddenly became wide-spread knowledge whites could stop condemning and hating themselves and blacks would have to stop pointing at whites and start pointing in the mirror.

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