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All Public School Bathrooms Must be Unisex

This is not fiction. I cannot believe that this issue requires a dialogue to correct. Gov. Brown signed into law that all bathrooms, locker rooms, and sports teams must be unisex. California is going to be the death of this nation. Funny how people like me will become a target to be deposed because of this issue which should not be a debate at all. If a student K-12 says they feel like they are the opposite sex they have a right to use that facility or join that team.

There are video interviews like the one below

of people (college kids) being asked about this policy. Funny how they say for the most part that they do not have a problem with it, however, hesitate when asked if they would be OK with it if a person of the opposite sex used the facility while they were using it. Almost all felt a need to stipulate situations or put restrictions of some kind on this issue, up to and including implying that there is something wrong with America because of its lack of this type of acceptance. This is the exact problem people. Those interviewed all took issue but struggled, were hesitant, and obviously intimidated to express it directly. No doubt this is because they were on video, others would see it and they knew they would be open to public ridicule unless they were a part of the “enlightened group think” that is being taught today. Notice how they blamed others who would have a problem with this like their parents in perhaps an attempt to curb is spread. Folks wake up! A large part of enlightenment is having the courage to say wrong is wrong despite peer pressure.

This also is a breach by force of many people’s religious beliefs. The question should not be whether transgender people have the right to use the opposite sexes facility but rather whether or not those using the sex appropriate facility object to the opposite sex being there. I guess then because I feel like having a cigarette in doors the hell with everyone else and their rights I have a right to do what I feel with no regard to the majorities feelings.

Can no one see any problems here? The list is too long to go into detail on all the issues but, abuse, rape, sexual harassment, and the false accusations of the same. There are people who will say they are transgender just to peep. Do not forget what happened when women sports casters were allowed into mens locker rooms. Men in a place where women have not right being had to change their behavior if you will on their turf or suffer, ridicule, loss of pay, or even legal consequences. The bottom line is I would be changing my work schedule to take my kids to the bathroom in California and standing outside the door preventing the opposite sex from entering while my kid was using the facility. This is not paranoia it is prudent safety measures. Would it be acceptable to say that I keep unlocked loaded guns in my house but they are safe because I have taught my kids gun safety? Most would argue including gun rights activists that the guns in my house should be locked up no loaded and the ammo and bolt if possible be stored separately. How is this any different? It is immoral and unethical to force the majority to do something for the sake of the vast minority. The point is that there is a much simpler solution. Do not make all bathrooms unisex, designate a couple so all students have a choice, not the just minority. Since this solution is so easy one has to question the motive of this law, it now seems rather nefarious. As far as the locker rooms, tough they will have to wait until a third option can be built. Then again is that fair to the tax payers? The only other solution is separate times of use. You can not and will not force me to accept this and if I were one of the kids that objected I would find a way to lock the door while they were using the facility. Enough is enough. What is wrong with the parents in that state for not standing up against this law?

What makes this worse is that CPS requires separate bedrooms (whether you can afford it or not) for siblings of opposite sexes after about five years of age and your child must not be in your room after they turn one. These are family members not strangers. What the hell is going on and where is CPS when schools are forcing strangers of opposite sexes to be naked with each other?

Sorry folks you cannot call me a prude, unevolved, sexist, or prejudice in way regarding this issue because I went to Niagara U. There in the theatre department was only one bath and shower room. I know what is like to share these facilities with gay, straight, transgender, and lesbian people. I was however in college and I also had a choice of going to another facility. These impressionable kids do not.

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