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Apocalypse 2029

In a “Pelican Brief” like way I proposed in a lighthearted way to some smart friends an alternative to the current suspicious activities occurring at a governmental level. What bothered me most is that they to my distress thought the concept was plausible. Not that it was fact but plausible. There are conspiracy theories that refer to various near future civil unrest scenarios because of an impending economic collapse, or social issues due to too much governmental control, illegal immigration, and other racial powder keg situations. These are only some of the suggestions as to why the federal government and varying governments across the nation have been involved in things like purchasing 2,700 urban tanks, almost two billion rounds of ammo that is a 2 followed by nine zeros, and other things like implementation for the detainment and internment of the civilian populace of this country.

The idea that I came up with was innocent enough and a random thought that occurred to me where many people do their best thinking, lol. It occurred to me that coupled with the other things mentioned two billion bullets is probably enough ammo to engage in a sustained civil insurrection of twenty years give or take. What if, just if Apophis was not going to miss earth? Funny thing about a 325m asteroid is that it would be an ELE (extinction level event). It is not a big secret that there are underground “cities” that have been built for a myriad of reasons that can be imagined and more importantly for those that cannot be imagined in a perhaps feeble attempt at survival. We know that they are self-sustaining in every way from power to food and water. That however is not important. What is important is what would happen if someone in a way that people would find credible and believable made public that this asteroid was going to impact earth. Now all the people know the world is going to end so what is stopping them from not only living a basically law-abiding life but also demanding by force one of the limited spots in an underground city reserved for the rich, affluent, intelligent and of course political leaders? The answer is nothing. Shear numbers of the general public make this a real threat. The point being is that if this information were released today there are already procedures, policies, and mechanisms in place to prevent such an insurrection. One could argue why would these grunts support these people? The answer is because they are grunts. They were told what to do, grunts do what they do best and that is to do what they are told. Furthermore, they were probably told that there may be a spot for them in the city if they are good little grunts.

Well, there you have it a little innocent conspiracy theory on Friday April 13, 2029 the world for us as we know it will end. What are ya gonna do besides get at six pack, lawn chair and watch the show?

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