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NHTSA and Misandry

Happy New Year! I am sure with the new year there will come a new torrent of public service commercials from the NHTSA regarding seatbelts, cell phone use (text, calling), and drunk or buzzed driving. The NHTSA has unfortunately been another propagandistic federally funded institution perpetuating the paradigm that man = bad, woman = good. I only remember commercials where the man was the one without the seatbelt, and was the person drunk driving. Searches on-line also only reveal ads where men are breaking the law. If I am not mistaken when using public funds there is an “equal time” law that must be followed. That being if there are blue and green people and blue people are being informed about something equal funding and time must be spent on informing green people about something. Typically the information reinforces positive information but in this driving violation message it would stand to reason that all the information and monies cannot be spent on only having men as the violators. There is no other way to see this but as misandric propaganda. Is the NHTSA afraid of offending women who drink and drive? The government is the same agency that states how media influences people and dictates ratings and censorship in movies, music, TV, and video games but apparently their TV commercials are not sending a message that only men are bad. Hopefully we will see a change in 2014, but I doubt it. Maybe a class action law-suit is on the horizon because this is simply unacceptable.

You be the judge, the are videos below and the following link provides you with more NHTSA videos. You will find them at the bottom of the linked page.

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